26 Trends Unite with the Tried and True: From A to Z!

January 8, 2013


  • Accessories run the gamut this year: clear, colorful and eclectic art glass, metallic ware, lighting and virtually all other accessory categories
  • Baths are sleek and spa-like, leaning towards organic, natural materials
  • Clean Lines are always stylish and make a great backdrop for personal kitsch, trendy colors and textured materials
  • Doors in kitchens and baths are industrial stainless steel, opaque glass and sleek white – all beautiful on their own or ready to transition to your signature style
  • Embellishments is one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen cabinetry in 2013 with some corner wood appliqués or crown moldings
  • French doors are enjoying a resurgence in interior design
  • Glass is seen everywhere – tiles, countertops, accessories and lighting; clear, colorful, opaque and textured

  • Hardware is highlighting hidden, flush mounted or finger pulls, and old-fashioned scalloped and more elaborate designs are also emerging
  • Islands have grown up and are standing on their own as they boast different colors and materials apart from the rest of the kitchen cabinetry
  • Juxtapositi on is still a "no-no" when it comes to appliance placement; for best cooking environment you need the triangle or a loosely based configuration of the perfected triangle
  • Kitchen trends are featuring more innovative concrete countertops and hardwood floors
  • Laminates and other finishes continue to evolve and use more color, one of which is a red bordering on orange
  • Matchy-matchy has been out for a while and the trend continues to grow as designers opt for pockets of inspiration around the room, parting from pairing items and getting a little bolder with every aspect of décor
  • Nuts and Bolts should always be given great attention, in other words, before decorating be sure that the bones of the structure are solid and worthwhile before investing in resurfacing or redecorating
  • Organics remain out front with hard materials such as stone and slate and textured fibers such as hemp, jute and raw silk
  • Passion is the precursor to style, regardless of trend you need to make it your own and be passionate about it

  • Queen – of the kitchen, that is! Do not settle – make it your own!
  • Remodeling is very popular with kitchens and baths that have the quality basics of good flooring and solid cabinetry
  • Spirit of your space. Create your Utopia based upon your vision
  • Textures, as mentioned in organics are popular, even with manmade textiles
  • Understated makes a huge statement in 2013
  • Vanities are utilizing more hidden away storage and larger, spa-like sinks with less counter top space
  • WXY and Z

  • White has taken front stage again, showing up in cabinetry and appliances
  • Xuberance – taking poetic license, this is what you should experience in 2013 with your new design
  • Yin and Yang design continues to embrace feng shui as an essential in well balanced home spaces
  • Zebra skin patterns are being replaced with repeats of dogs and elephants gamboling across upholstery fabrics
  • Now you know your ABCs of a good many 2013 trends. Time to redecorate!

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