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Quality is a journey, not a destination, and industry leaders must adhere to world class quality standards to retain the competitive edge in our marketplace.  Schrapper’s focuses on enhancing customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships.

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Closet Systems

Planning It In many homes, closets are dark spaces too narrow to even accommodate a hanger.  There are no codes for closet size, depth or shape.  In new construction, the space left for closets depends on the attitude of the designer or builder.  The closet should not be an afterthought or what’s left of the […]

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Green Kitchen and Bath Design

While it can be a challenge to find added profits in a tough economy, sometimes all it takes is finding the right niche. Indeed many kitchen and bath designers have found that they can increase their profitability merely by finding a strong specialty area, developing an expertise in that area and marketing it appropriately. That […]

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Having Trouble Losing Weight….Kitchen Color Matters

Trying to lose weight but can’t? Maybe it has something to do with the colors in your kitchen. Recent studies in the field of dieting psychology proved that your appetite can considerably increase because of: bright colors (red, yellow, orange, peach) ever notice how fast food chains seems to use these colors to decorate? It […]

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Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Can Make You Happier

As a Kitchen and Bath Designer, I work with people all the time who decide to remodel their homes for resale. I understand that, but I also know how important our interior environments are to our overall happiness. Why remodel solely for resale? Why not remodel for yourself? Make the home you live YOUR sanctuary, not the next person who will be living there. Life is too short for that. Live in the now and enjoy your home. You will be a happier person!

View our Kitchen and Bath Galleries for ideas!

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Tips for being Green

Everyone wants to be Green! Many people are beginning to understand the impact that their lifestyle choices are making on their personal health and our plant. As a result, they’re starting to seek ways to reduce their impact. The kitchen is a great place to start making changes! Taking baby steps is a more effective […]

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How to get the Florida Energy Star appliance rebate

Are you in the market for a new appliance for your home? Want to save some money and improve the quality of the environment? Get a 20% mail-in rebate for your purchase of an Energy Star appliance between April 16 – April 25 plus an additional $75 rebate if you recycle your old appliance. Florida […]

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Remodeling Success Checklist

What makes a great checklist? It is precise, efficient, easy to use, and to the point. It provides reminders of only the most critical and important steps-ones that even highly skilled professionals could miss. Effective checklists also focus on what we call “killer items” -the steps that are the most important but are sometimes missed […]

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Tips for Kitchen Remodeling on a Tight Budget

It is possible to stick to a tight budget and make a few simple, yet big impact changes that will turn an ugly duckling kitchen into a swan. Think about using a piece of furniture, which might already exist in the house or find a hutch or case piece at a flea market or antique […]

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