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Transitional Kitchen Designs

Transitional kitchenTransitional style is the easiest way to avoid dating your kitchen. Due to its flexibility and diversity, a transitionally styled kitchen can go in many different directions – all of them convincingly while transcending the hands of time. Using straighter lines in the cabinetry and adding the right embellishments accomplishes this. Furthermore, you can delve a little deeper into any one style through:

  • Color choices
  • Hardware options
  • Flooring materials
  • Architectural accents

The transitional kitchen has the “chameleon factor” going for it. Whether you’re into slick and modern or embellished traditional, the appeal of the transitional style is that its neutrality works with every taste, every time. Regardless if you love French provincial or are into the arts and crafts movement, transitional design bridges the gap and clearly shows how you can satisfy your personal taste without sacrificing the details of your design.


In the second half of the 20th century contemporary design emerged, rounding out modern design’s sharper edges and putting a softer light on furnishings and accessories. In a partial throwback to Biedermeier’s use of pale woods, contemporary design began highlighting lighter colored woods such as maple and birch, and implementing semi-gloss and polished finishes.You don’t need to know the history of contemporary art to enjoy the historically researched and cleverly designed creations that Schrapper’s brings to the table. Rest assured that the craftsmen at Schrapper’s are as meticulous with historical details as they are regarding the function and beauty of the finished kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen Design

TTraditional Kitchenshe following photo gallery takes you on a journey back in time when traditional style ruled and luxury and elegance reigned supreme. Schrapper’s has a wealth of styles and prominent architectural elements that lend themselves to a crafted kitchen that expresses the very essence of traditional fine cabinetry. Peruse the vast assortment of:

  • Ornate corbels
  • Fluted columns
  • Crown moldings
  • Olde World Kitchens
  • French Country Kitchens

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