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Bathroom and kitchen faucets can change the appeal of your home

Any stylish bathroom and kitchen design will feature top notch faucets that offer on-trend appeal as well as versatile functionality. It goes without saying that faucets are the most used item in both kitchens and bathrooms and therefore some thought should be put into choosing the right ones. Whether you’re preparing a family meal or […]

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Bathroom design trends

A well designed bathroom is one of the best ways to revamp your home. Whether you want to make your house more livable for you and your family or you want to spruce up your place in order to lure home buyers, then spending money on your bathroom is the way to do it. According […]

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Latest Design Trends for Kitchen and Bathroom

It starts off as tossing around some ideas, a dream or two, and a whole lot of happy anticipation. You are planning a new bathroom and dressing room, or a new kitchen, or a totally new house. Too often, though, it can be easy to get bogged down with far and away too many choices […]

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Upcoming courses for kitchen and bath design professionals

As leading kitchen and bathroom design professionals, we always try to give designers and decorators the information they need to take their service offerings to the next level. Here are a few upcoming courses that you should consider attending: Presentation standards II When: 6 June at 1:00pm As a designer or architect, you are often […]

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3 Best Practices for Designing Bathrooms

Getting the bathroom scheme of your dreams usually depends on the final design that is done in the room by the designers. Majority of designers take into consideration the personality and functional needs of a client when creating the final design for clients. At Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design we go way above the norm […]

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Bathrooms Bare All – The Clutter-Free Way to Do It!

If you could redo your bathroom and have only the bare essentials showing, what do you think it would take to become clutter-free? Pretty big question, but is there an easy answer? To this we say, YES! It’s all in the planning. At the drawing board, and with Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design’s […]

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