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Bathroom and kitchen faucets can change the appeal of your home

Any stylish bathroom and kitchen design will feature top notch faucets that offer on-trend appeal as well as versatile functionality. It goes without saying that faucets are the most used item in both kitchens and bathrooms and therefore some thought should be put into choosing the right ones. Whether you’re preparing a family meal or […]

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Latest Design Trends for Kitchen and Bathroom

It starts off as tossing around some ideas, a dream or two, and a whole lot of happy anticipation. You are planning a new bathroom and dressing room, or a new kitchen, or a totally new house. Too often, though, it can be easy to get bogged down with far and away too many choices […]

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Upcoming courses for kitchen and bath design professionals

As leading kitchen and bathroom design professionals, we always try to give designers and decorators the information they need to take their service offerings to the next level. Here are a few upcoming courses that you should consider attending: Presentation standards II When: 6 June at 1:00pm As a designer or architect, you are often […]

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Best Kitchen Storage Design Options

For most people, walking into a kitchen and seeing the elegant design work, usually leaves them so happy they forget to look at the available storage space. However, for people that are looking for a functional kitchen, going beyond the overall look is compulsory before making a decision on the room. Many designers including Schrapper’s […]

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Kitchen cabinet design tips for your West Palm Beach home

Kitchen cabinet and storage design is one of the most important aspects of a kitchen remodeling or renovation project. If you are planning a kitchen re-design, consider the following helpful tips when it comes to storage and custom cabinets: The preparation island – an island really defines the layout of the kitchen and provides a […]

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