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What to Look for In Kitchen Cabinets Design?

When you start to plan your dream kitchen, you can easily become enamored by the beautiful kitchen cabinets design in magazines on Pinterest. These cabinets are usually stained in the latest, fashionable hues of gray and oak, they’re illuminated by fantastic showroom lighting, they’re free of scratches and dents, and obviously, nobody’s toddler has started […]

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How Do I Select a Kitchen Cabinet Supplier?

If you are looking for a new kitchen cabinet design to start the new year off with, selecting a kitchen cabinet supplier might seem like a challenging task. In Florida, it seems nearly every home features a modern, ergonomically designed kitchen that’s worthy of envy. If you wish to enhance your kitchen space while adding […]

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5 Outdoor Kitchen Amenities You Should Know About

Living in Florida means that you get the advantage of the tropical weather at its best! And what a shame it would be if you had to spend the majority of your time indoors. The kitchen in the home is typically a place where people gather. Preparing and enjoying meals together is a social activity […]

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Lina Shelton From Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design Wins Coveted Design Award

Lina Shelton was recently announced as the winner of the Kitchen Category 2020 Design competition. Lina is a proud member of the Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design team, and we would like to congratulate her on this outstanding achievement! Over the past month, designers from across North America have submitted their most inspiring kitchen designs […]

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How Do I Decorate a Small Kitchen?

If you would like to decorate a small kitchen without compromising on functionality and space, there are a few simple design and feature elements that you can use. Small kitchens are often faced with 3 common problems: A lack of kitchen cabinetry counter space Clutter and a lack of storage space Not enough light Creating […]

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How to Incorporate the Trendy Black Color in Your Kitchen

Interior design experts see the color black as a trend whose time has come in terms of kitchen design. Although black may not be your typical choice when choosing color for remodeling your kitchen, it can still give the room an upgraded look when used well. To make it look classy, consider working with a […]

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