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Kitchen and home design is continually seeking the newest ideas, concepts and products. Using multiple mediums and disciplines in design and fabrication, Schrapper’s  indoor and outdoor kitchens are truly, one of a kind. Our multi-disciplined take on the process yields iconic and very identifiable custom kitchens that utilize eccentric and distinctive textures.   The menu is […]

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Things You Should Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen is a downright daunting affair. There are many things to take into account, including a budget, existing space, possible additions, lighting, and appliances. But a remodeling job, especially for an area like the kitchen, should be taken seriously. After all, it is the heart of the home, and it should look good […]

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What materials are best for your outdoor kitchen

Have you been thinking about building an outdoor kitchen, but you are not sure what materials to use? At Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. outdoor kitchens are one of our specialties in the Jupiter and West Palm Beach areas. When considering an outdoor kitchen, it is important to use the correct materials that are made specifically […]

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What to Look for In Kitchen Cabinets Design?

When you start to plan your dream kitchen, you can easily become enamored by the beautiful kitchen cabinets design in magazines on Pinterest. These cabinets are usually stained in the latest, fashionable hues of gray and oak, they’re illuminated by fantastic showroom lighting, they’re free of scratches and dents, and obviously, nobody’s toddler has started […]

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How Do I Select a Kitchen Cabinet Supplier?

If you are looking for a new kitchen cabinet design to start the new year off with, selecting a kitchen cabinet supplier might seem like a challenging task. In Florida, it seems nearly every home features a modern, ergonomically designed kitchen that’s worthy of envy. If you wish to enhance your kitchen space while adding […]

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5 Outdoor Kitchen Amenities You Should Know About

Living in Florida means that you get the advantage of the tropical weather at its best! And what a shame it would be if you had to spend the majority of your time indoors. The kitchen in the home is typically a place where people gather. Preparing and enjoying meals together is a social activity […]

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