Built in wall units in West Palm Beach

Every homeowner has a certain stamp they would like on their home. Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design works closely with each client to ensure their expectations are met and exceeded. Our team of artisans are well equipped to deliver quality craftsmanship.

We understand the uniqueness of each project we embark on and therefore ensure we sit down with each client in order to design and build your dream. This consultative process enables us to capture your vision on paper and transform it into reality.

Built in wall units must not be seen as just another fixture or fitting in the house, they actually contribute to shaping the character of the room in which they are installed. As we embark on the process of transforming your room, consider it as a blank canvas. Taking down your specifications is akin to the brush strokes which we place on the canvas.

Rest assured that your built in wall unit masterpiece shall emerge once we are done with the process. You should also keep in mind that the type, shape and size of wall units utilized have an influence on other elements which will be incorporated in the room such as lighting.

Schrapper’s has been in the industry for a number of years and has a proven track record for delivering quality output.  When you contract our services know that you are in good hands. These hands have extensive experience in working on diverse projects. For more information on the latest interior design solutions in West Palm Beach from Schrapper’s, contact us today.

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