Closet systems in Jupiter

Have you outgrown your closet space? Perhaps a walk in closet system in your magnificent Jupiter home has always been on your bucket list and the time to spoil yourself is now. The possibilities for complete luxury and ergonomic perfection are endless when you consult with the closet experts at Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design, Inc., Jupiter.

The closet is no longer simply a storage space for your clothing and accessories: it is a space where you can unwind and enjoy relaxation time as you prepare your look for the day or night. One of the new trends is that more and more homeowners are opting for lounge areas with couches and recliners in their closet spaces.

The space used for a walk-in closet has grown exponentially – homeowners are using spaces that would once have been large enough for a living room or bedroom. Of course, a huge area is not essential and miracles can still be made using small spaces.

There is so much more choice available these days when it comes to materials and finishes. No longer simply utilitarian: crown molding, high gloss finishes or wraps, columns, raised panels, furniture feet, and high-end countertops made of granite and marble have become the norm. Exotic woods and modern surface materials are mixed for stunning results and brass and other metal finishes complete the look of pure luxury.

Customers are also opting for additional accessories such as jewelry displays, safes, ironing areas, laundry hampers, sound systems, and more. Shoe storage is a major factor in closet design as people want their shoes stored off the floor in an accessible place with each pair in its own designated spot.

The options for your dream closet are endless. So, get in touch with Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. Jupiter, FL, today.

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