Outdoor Kitchens, Hobe Sound

Hobe Sound is nothing less than a tropical paradise. If you have a home here, an investment in an outdoor kitchen is both an investment in your home and making the most of the quality of life that Hobe Sound offers. Outdoor kitchens are made for places like Hobe Sound, with its year-round balmy weather, tropical vegetation, and expensive restaurants.

Outdoor kitchens are perfect for day and night entertaining

Your outdoor kitchen can look and function equally well at any time of the day. For night-time entertaining, add ambient counter lighting to your outdoor kitchen design to compliment the look created by garden up-lights under your palms. Add a sound system to your outdoor kitchen too. Have parties. Floridians love parties. Or just have luxurious al fresco suppers that don’t cost a fortune over time.

Your outdoor kitchen is limited only by your imagination

There’s more to an outdoor kitchen than a grill, sink, mini-fridge, basic outdoor cabinets, and countertops. There’s much more! Outdoor kitchen design is limited by your imagination only. You could keep it simple or go the whole hog with an outdoor kitchen to rival your indoor one, complete with surround sound and the latest in lighting design, granite countertops, and mahogany kitchen cabinetry.

You could suggest that it is also limited by your budget, but since an outdoor kitchen – whether it’s a functional or luxury kitchen, is going to increase the value of your home far beyond what you will spend on it, you can toss that consideration out the nearest window. You don’t need to be 22 to live large under the sun (and after the sun has gone down) in the Sunshine State.

With over 30 years’ experience in custom outdoor kitchen design and fitting, we at Schrapper’s can help you create the perfect outdoor kitchen and entertainment area for your home in Hobe Sound. Contact our team for more information.

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